El Colegio - Art Classroom - 7.5 hours

This week at El Colegio, I talked to the kids about planar analysis, as Lynda suggested. We spent the first part of the week learning what planar analysis was and then put it into practice into easy structures. We continued our planar analysis studies by drawing the hands with planar analysis. The kids had a difficult time with this so we practiced drawing our hands with and without planar analysis.

We also began studying the list of vocabulary words for our second quiz, which was to be taken at the end of the week. The list of words were the principles of art. The students were given the same format as the first quiz where they were offered the words and then needed to provide the definitions. The students were given an extra credit opportunity to describe planar analysis on the back and draw an example. 

After the students were done with their quiz, we discussed self portraits and the possibility of doing self portraits without focusing on the physicality of themselves. I showed the kids some self portraits that explained this more thoroughly and they were able to see that a self portrait can consist of metaphors for who they are and for this we looked at Paul Klee, Andy Warhol, and Pablo Picasso. I explained to the kids that their self portraits for the next week could also encompass what makes them, them...their interests, thoughts, hopes, and dreams. I explained that the assignment would be in collage style and it would be our first critique. Most of the students got A's and B's on their quizzes, they did very well. Some of the challenges I was faced with this week were: keeping the students interested and enforcing the no cell phone rule.