Perpich - Graham Judd - 3 hours

MCBA - Cindy Gipple - 3 hours

I can't believe its already week 13. The time just flew by this semester and I'm sad I won't get to spend much more time at both Perpich and MCBA. 

Perpich-This week was pretty normal. The students were finally getting fully back into the groove after spring break and interim. The seniors finally turned in their prints for my project and the juniors had their books done. We were all set to critique when the power went out. Graham decided to push off the critique so I wasn't able to see that. The prints that were put up are amazing! They made some incredible work!! See the cover photo.

MCBA- This time was paper making for Kindergarteners! They were maybe 4 or 5 years old. I've helped with much older students but its a different dynamic with students this young. They don't have a very long attention span or vocabulary. The usual talk about different types of paper before we started went over their heads a little. They couldn't quite grasp a world without paper and needing to write on bark or what parchment was. They still made some great paper, it just took more explanation. It was easier for them to observe someone and then do it themselves but they needed that for each sheet they made. The lesson still went as smooth as usual despite how young they were. I'm glad I got to help with this group, I've never taught students so young. I know they aren't my strongest age to teach but I would be up for the challenge in the future.