Perpich - Graham Judd - 3 hours

MIA - Helping Veda - 5 hours.

Perpich- The students are working on a self initiated project. One student came to me with two ideas and we worked out what she is more interested in and passionate about. I helped her with different ideas for book structures and how to show her ideas. I really love problem solving and this is what I wish happened more often with these students. That they have time to ideate and create mock-ups because I think that is where you really learn. Unfortunately a large amount of students are self motivated enough to spend time doing this and need stricter prompts and tighter deadlines.


MIA- More problem solving. Veda came into class (we had work time) freaking out about her screen not being exposed all the way. We tried to problem solve and see if we could save it (we being a bunch of people in class). It was settled on that she could make stencils as a worst case/not that bad case scenario. It was cool too see it all in action especially in a museum setting. My experience so far have all been classroom based and getting to see a lesson that had to be retaught throughout the time was very different. They also weren't sure how many people and what kinds of people would show up which can make things hard to plan, its just important to be flexible. The lesson went fine, the original screens didn't really work out but the back-up did!! Either way people made some cool t-shirts.