Perpich - Substitute - 3 hours

MCBA-Angela-6 hours

Perpich. It was their first day back from break. Graham wasn't there and the substitute was confused about the instructions. It was a little chaotic at first but the students settled in and worked on other work if they didn't have anything to do. Something I noticed, especially on the high school level, was the respect students had for this particular substitute. He taught an unpopular science class. He was engaging but a little awkward and out of touch and I noticed the students didn't listen to him. He tried to be friendly with them but it was clear that was not his normal classroom dynamic and they saw right through him.

MCBA. I spent my first day prepping for my lesson and helping with some other prep work. It was great to talk to Angela about how she became a teacher. I think its interesting the different paths people end up taking. We were assembling a section of a book that students the day before hadn't been able to finish. They were teaching the same thing that day and adjusted to try to fit it all in. Although a little crazy, it worked out okay. Some book structures take longer than others, and some classes take more direction and explanation than others. 

I got to teach on Friday. It was a pop-out book about neighborhoods. I definitely spoke a little too fast and could have slowed down and explained things more thoroughly. I wish I had brought them closer and demoed the different parts before having them try. It was an incredibly well behaved group of students. They listened and were relatively quiet and attentive. There was extra time for them to work on their books and they came up with some extraordinary things. I wish I had images of them but unfortunately there wasn't time during the lesson. It was such a good experience teaching and can't wait to do more in the future!