Perpich-3 hours

The Minnesota Science Museum-Jan Elftman-8 hours

Perpich This week Graham was out and a substitute teacher was filling in. Originally I wasn't going to go to because Graham wasn't there but I thought it would be beneficial to have someone there to help. Some of the students had questions about bookmaking that the substitute, a retired history teacher, couldn't answer. Luckily I love book arts and got the opportunity to share my passion. Something interesting that I observed is the way students work. One student was completely done with their book. It had the same print on every page (that was the point) and the structure was a very simple accordion. I talked to him and we brainstormed more ways he could use his prints and possibly make another book. He settled on modifying his existing one and I think his concept really improved. Another student had at least three mock-ups of varying difficulty and tons of sketches. She was trying to plan it all out perfectly but was running out of time. She just needed the push to finalize everything and create a final product. It made me realize how every student is truly different and needs different things from a teacher. I need to work on being able to provide for an understand all these needs so each student can succeed.

The Science Museum- This week was the same lesson, Shocking Electricity with a different group of students. This group was a grade lower than last, but the same content. Its interesting how some groups understand things but the next may not. While one group got circuits but didn't grasp magnets as well, the other was the complete opposite. Every time you teach something it will always be different. Even the environment changes things. In this program the students are specially chosen and want to be there to learn, so I wonder if it would be different in a traditional classroom. 

I really enjoyed my time at the science museum. It was an incredible opportunity to shadow Jan Elftmann. The science museum is full of artists teaching and creating and working with science. It really shows that creative people make really good teachers, regardless of what they are teaching. I wish I could have spent more time there but it was an fun two weeks! 

*Sorry this is late, with spring break I completely spaced about posting this at the end of the week.  I usually write it up on friday but forgot because of the holiday. Next week will be back on schedule*