Kendwood Elementry - Mrs. Williams, 3rd Grade - 5.0 hrs. 


March 2, 2016

Today was a relaxed day, not much noise or trouble. There were a few incidents where they would get noisy but that would instantly stop when Mrs. Williams reminded them what they were supposed to be doing. The students created and worked with kaleidoscopes today.

At lunch the girl who needs extra attention wasn’t talking to anybody, she was just standing and playing by herself. When I went over to interact with her I asked her if it had been a good day. She was honest and said no, that she got in trouble at their specialist class (it happened to be music). I see a lot of similarities and differences between this class and the previous one I assisted. At Myers-Wilkins many students had behavior issues, and Mrs. Williams’ class I can tell has a lot of children who have trouble with this too.

Mrs. Boyson was not as strict as Mrs. Williams from my time spent with each teacher so far. Mrs. Boyson is a great teacher for 5th graders because they already have a sense of what is right and wrong and therefore don't need to disciplined right away unless absolutely necessary, she would also let a few things slide recognizing that it’s just a part of the students’ personality and a way to build responsibility and problem solving skills.

Mrs. Williams' teaching style works for 3rd graders because they are still learning and developing their sense of right and wrong. Students this age also like to test their limits, so clear, fair and timely discipline is just right for this age group.