Kenwood Elementary – Mrs. Williams, 3rd Grade – 5 hrs

February 24, 2016

I come in when the students go get their lunch and bring it back to their classroom. Today is a special day because the fourth and fifth graders are putting on the play Pinocchio.  Right when I come through the door I am greeted one of my third grade friends who sang to me last week. She talked to me about her day and her lunch. Then went on to eat. The students were noisy since this was going to be their recess. At the table closest to me a little girl got angry and hit one of her peers, lightly, but it was still ill intent. I talked to her a little bit and it made me wonder if this is a common occurrence among kids in general. I think this particular student is not a bully but was acting on her feelings.  She’s very hyper and loves talking to her desk-mates.

After lunch we go down to the play, which was in the “multi-purpose” room which has a stage and where lunch is held every school day.  The play was beautifully done and the all the students showed magnificent talent.  Mrs. William’s class sat next to Mrs. Green’s, both classes were very well behaved and quiet. On the walk back up to the classroom the girl who was having troubles last Friday decided to grab my hand. I noticed that other students where pairing up and holding hands while walking up the stairs.

February 26, 2016

Before entering the classroom, two students where outside the door. Today, we had the substitute that Mrs. Williams told me about Wednesday. I found out from the aid in the classroom that there have been students who have been misbehaving. She’s been writing down kids’ names for Mrs. Williams to see who wasn’t respecting the substitute. The girl who needs extra attention from the teacher was very kind to me today offering me lunch money. I declined and ate lunch in the Staff’s Lounge. Before I ate I found a space called the “Piano Lab” which I was astounded by.

I had a very enriching conversation with the substitute as the students had recess. We talked about his time teaching in Chicago where he lived most of his life and I talked about how beneficial I think it would be to have more media-based arts in the school. From there I tried to figure out from other teachers if Minneapolis has more media-based arts. I know that my cousin’s school in the suburbs uses iPad instead of textbooks during their school year. I wasn’t able to find anyone who knew for sure since it appears all the third grade teachers are out for the day.

Since today was Friday the students had reading buddies with their first grade friends. Everyone was on task and behaved until towards the end things began to get a bit active. Also, I noticed today was a “Spirit Day” for the school, today kids dressed up as their favorite character. I hope to participate in the next spirit day, as teachers dress up as well!