Hannah Johnson intro to graphic design at Perpich center for art education - 1 hours 30 Minutes

Samantha Sather intro to graphic design at Minneapolis Community and Technical College- 10 hours and 45 minutes

This week I aided Hannah in a different class as the quarter changed. The class I am at now is portfolio preparation class, which consist of mostly seniors and all new faces to me. Hannah started off the class by introducing me to the class, I introduced myself and gave them a brief overview of myself and the type of work I do. After my intro Hannah explain the structure of the class to student which mostly consisted of creating personal branding, resume and website. The class was slow since it was the first day although the students had a lot of energy and were very talkative, as they had classes with Hannah before. For the day I just sat down to the side as there was not a whole lot for me to do.

In contrast to my week at Perpich MCTC was very busy I was going to be teaching the second half of my lesson for the illustrator class. On Monday for intro to graphic design Sam begun the class by introducing the final assignment which consisted of an infographic about a topic of their choosing. After the we had one on one conversations with the student about grade and their idea for the project Sam invited me to sit in for the conversation and I suggested topics and offered some feedback on their ideas. For the both illustrator class I had the same lesson I by having a small show and tell of the process the students had which I was very impressed by the quality and the time they devoted to the project, I gave some feedback from the student who had doubts about their design. After our small critique I introduced the second part of the project which was a box and billboard mock up that utilized elements from their cover design, I gave a quick demo on how to create the mock ups and alternative software to crate mock ups like Live Surface which is a mock up creation tool, after the demo we assigned work time and Sam and I had one on one discussion with their students on their cover and their ideas for the billboard. It was awesome to see the amount of work the students put in to the project I created and it was rewarding to see that they actually enjoyed working on it.