Hannah Johnson intro to graphic design at Perpich center for art education - 1 hours 30 Minutes

Samantha Sather intro to graphic design at Minneapolis Community and Technical College- 10 hours and 45 minutes


This week we had our spring break at MCAD which allowed me to spend a few more hours at my placements. This week I also started my lesson at MCTC I am teaching a three-week lesson ending on March 29th. I am teaching both Illustrator sections, the lesson consist of creating a cover illustration for cross cultural cereal brand. This lesson also includes the use of I Pads as means of a sketching tool, utilizing the adobe application on the i Pads students will utilize their creative could accounts import assets to illustrator.

First, I gave a presentation on my work to the class and I talked about my creative process. I followed by introducing the mock client and the creative brief, after that I introduce some terminology relating to the subject matter witch in this case was Mexican wrestling. The first day of the lesson was dedicated to research and positioning of their product as both Samantha and I wanted the lesson to give the students a brief idea on how a product is developed. Part of the lesson required the students to get in small groups with people they had never shared work with and discuss their findings, in efforts of creating connection with in the students. The Lesson went on great, My lesson at Perpich really helped my approach to this lesson and it gave me an insight on what is like to facilitate a lesson.

I gave the same lesson on the on the Thursday section of illustrator the was a bit easier because I had already done once. Teaching the same lesson twice was very interesting because the atmosphere in the two sections was very different both pleasant but the group was different. I am very excited on the upcoming lessons and I am exited t se the final projects by the students.