Jes Reyes and Spectrum ArtWorks, open studio hours -  5.5 hours

This week I was given the opportunity to accompany some artists to the Courage Kenny Art of Possibility show. This show takes place yearly at the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute in Golden Valley, and is described as “an international art show by artists with disabilities.” I was thankful for the ride, because transportation often keeps me from being able to experience exhibitions beyond the Minneapolis area, and the show featured many works by artists of the Twin Cities area that I otherwise would probably not know about.

Some artists of the ArtWorks studio had work featured in the show. After they checked in, we roamed the show to seek out their work so Jes could photograph them standing with their art. Also, because the show awards prizes and allows artists to sell their works, we went around looking for ribbons on any Spectrum ArtWorks affiliated pieces. Unfortunately, there were no awards for the studio. Jes commented on the fact that the shows considered growth from the following year produced some stiff composition. It’s wonderful to see the show thriving, so none of us were too bitter about the lack of ribbons.

It was nice to walk and talk with the studio artists on what is technically my last day as a practicum student. But I can hardly feel like saying goodbye to either of my placements considering that I intend to be back at both! I feel truly connected to Whittier Elementary and Spectrum ArtWorks, and intend to stick around even now that my school semester is drawing to a close.