Jenny Kraft’s 5th-grade classroom at Whittier International Elementary School - 3 hours

Jes Reyes and Spectrum ArtWorks, open studio hours -  3 hours


This week's big event was my workshop at Spectrum ArtWorks! I completed and printed eight copies of a 14-page guidebook that covers the foundation of Adobe Photoshop uses especially pertaining to editing, saving, and publishing digital copies of traditional artwork.  From this guide book, I led a demonstration of the techniques and tools to reinforce the learning of a small group of artists and a couple Spectrum staff. I was lucky to be working with a welcoming and enthusiastic group who were eager to help me by asking clarifying questions and defining their needs.

I applied the language used by my instructor that helped me understand digital art when I was new to Photoshop, as well as developing additional narratives and metaphors that help bring some abstract concepts to a more tangible sense of making. I tried a more casual approach to the writing in the guide book and in my teaching, and I think it landed well. I think my tendency to be verbose can be an issue when describing concepts to students, and focusing on language and implications was something I wanted to hone in on after my lesson at Whittier.

All in all it I believe my approach went well. The group was very appreciative and seemed to have a fun time. A really wonderful dialogue began that I hope to continue with one-on-one guidance. It's hard to set aside precious learning time in an hour long lesson for evaluating what everyone learned, so we decided it would be better for Jes to facilitate individual lessons or assistance so I could talk to them about what their experience in my workshop was. 

At Whittier International on Friday, the Art Ambassadors prepared to make thank you art for local businesses that have contributed to Whittier International's fundraising efforts. We spent their meeting talking about how to visually communicate concepts like community, caring, and unity. Next Friday they will ideate further and perhaps start on the final artwork!