Unity School - Ms. Cara, Kindergarten -  5.5 hours

This week I got to go to art class with the kids. They rotate between music, library, physical education and art. I haven't been there on an art day yet so I was so excited to finally see it. The classroom was huge, with big tables and lots of space for the kids to work. Unfortunately the art teacher wasn't feeling well and had a sub on their way to take over the class. She had a coloring project for the kids to do. They got to draw a planet and alien on a piece of black paper. The kids had a LOT of fun thinking of what their alien was going to look like. Some drew multiple heads, arms and legs. I didn't get a chance to talk with the art teacher which was kind of disappointing because I had so many questions I wanted to ask her. Hopefully I won't have to wait so long to get back into art.

Ms. Cara did a drawing in class this week. She paired the kids up and they had to draw portraits of their partner. They had to draw what they saw. We helped them get started by drawing the heads and then they got to take over. They really got into it. They had never done drawings like this before so it was fun to watch them. Some got really detailed. Then they had to trace their pencil lines with a black sharpie marker. That was another exciting thing because most of them said their parents won't let them use sharpie markers. We assured them their parents wouldn't mind for this project. Then next day, Ms. Cara had them color their portraits with watercolors. I really wish I could be there everyday because I miss out on so much. Time goes by SO fast while I'm there!

They don't have school next Monday for Presidents Day, so next week I'll only be there Thursday.