Unity School - Ms. Cara, Kindergarten -  5.5 hours

This week we learned the importance of washing your hands! Illness took over the classroom this week. There were so many kids out sick, it was hard to keep to the lesson plan of teaching because Ms. Cara didn't want to do too much and have so many kids fall behind. And it was unusually hard to keep the kids that were in class focussed because to them the classroom felt off. They thought they could just have fun and had a hard time listening. Ms. Cara said it's almost worse having a smaller classroom because they're more behaved when everyone is there. It's not a huge class to begin with, only 12, and by the end of the day Monday there were only 6 kids in class. 

Thursday when I was there most of the kids had returned healthy and ready to go. Right now they are learning about their 5 senses so today they were learning about taste. Ms. Cara brought in different foods to eat with different flavors. She gave them a lemon for sour, most of the kids didn't like it. Then she had pretzels for salty. And chocolate. They were SO excited for the chocolate, they wanted the biggest piece. She told them they couldn't eat it right away, they needed to wait and smell it first. When it was time to eat they couldn't get it in their mouths fast enough. I was scanning the room watching all the kids and immediately I noticed them all making the WORST faces. I was confused and asked dark chocolate? Nope! She gave them baking chocolate so they could experience bitter! It was hilarious! They were all running to the trash cans spitting it out! Then she gave them all a piece of real chocolate to wash the taste down. I'm sure none of them will forget that day! I know I won't!