Unity School - Ms. Cara, Kindergarten -  4 hours

I got to work one on one with a student this week and I found it to be very rewarding. I thought we developed a great bond and were able to joke while getting our work done. This student needs a little extra attention so Ms. Cara thought I would be perfect for him. He needed help not using too much glue and friendly reminders to slow down when writing so it doesn't look like chicken scratch. I was able to keep him on task without him feeling frustrated so I considered it a success.

In my short time spent in the classroom I have heard the kids practicing singing the Star Bangle Banner for their BIG performance singing before the Boy's Varsity Basketball game this Friday night. They were so excited and took it very serious. I had the pleasure of attending the game to see them sing and it was so much fun to watch! They did an amazing job! As I was driving home I thought I should have taken a picture, I guess I was too into the moment. Sorry!