Unity School - Ms. Cara, Kindergarten -  2.5 hours

Today was my first day in Ms. Cara's Kindergarten class at Unity School. Going back to Kindergarten was fun, but wasn’t what I remembered. I thought all they did was nap, snack and color but these kids were reading, writing and spelling! I have a three year-old daughter and she’s my inspiration to teach but so far she’s the only child I have really spent an extended amount of time with. I know where she’s at mentally, and I can’t believe what she’s going to be doing in just two short years.

I am so excited to help and get to know these kids. I am excited to teach them a lesson that opens up their artistic creativity.

One thing that I noticed right away is I need to ask questions about what they already know. Some of the kids were asking me questions and I didn’t know if I should just tell them the answer or help them figure it out. Ms. Cara warned me that some of the kids are going to try to get me to do their work, so be careful and answer their questions with a question.