Monday: Mia- Krista Pearson- 1:00pm-3:00pm

Friday: Whittier School – Jane Swatosh – 9:30am-4:00pm

This week was a whirlwind! I met with Krista and Marlena—the artist Mia is working with for the Mde Mka Ska event this summer. Marlena and Krista were looking at water related objects in the North American gallery at Mia, they were discussing with the curators what would be on display during the time Marlena would be teaching, so they could integrate the lesson with objects in Mia’s collection. It was amazing to see the thought that goes into creating a lesson related to an institutes display, and seeing the behind the scenes way a museum functions on the day they’re closed.

After we walked through the gallery, we went to Krista’s office and they discussed Marlena’s ideas for the lesson at the festival. She’s working with Center school as well, and was discussing ways to involve the art class more—as it functions differently there (students can come and go as they please).

Krista and Marlena were firing teaching ideas back and forward—it was, honestly, kind of amazing to watch these ideas relating to water just moving back and forward.

We will be meeting again sometime soon!


I finished my lesson plan for Whittier and taught it this week! That was a little close for comfort. I wish I had figured out what I wanted to work with the students on a little faster than I did. Jane and I found a place for my materials and for the lesson the morning I was teaching. I should have had better time management for this project.

 I led a lesson on papermaking, which was amazing! We had a group discussion on the origins of papermaking and the affects mass produced paper has on the environment. I love the students at Whittier, they are incredibly intelligent critical thinkers, they were so excited to discuss the effects we have on the world around us. We went outside the last hour of the day and created a large sheet of paper as a class. It was the perfect day for this! The students really engaged with the project and were excited about the process.

Next week, we’ll be reflecting on what we discussed in class—issues of water pollution, waste, and mass production and the students will illustrate their reflections on the sheet of paper we created! Jane was super helpful in keeping the students engaged in our presentation. She really knows every student, what they need to stay participatory, and how they work.

I’m so excited to work with them on another lesson, but next week is my last day at Whittier and I’m a little sad! I love it there!