Mia, 10am-12pm, Krista Pearson

Whittier School, 9:15am-4:15pm, Jane Swatosh


            Today I met with Krista, there’s been a few bumps in the shadowing—as the project we had planned for me to shadow her along through the semester is happening mostly on Thursdays now. She and I talked about how it’s a perfect example of the organic nature of community based work!

            We discussed a bit about what I could work with her on—observing the more short term things she has to do to maintain and organize with projects, and we plan to meet again next Monday.

            This week, we went to a meeting at Center School about the Mde Maka Ska event that MIA is partnered with. They discussed different organization factors, who will bring tables and pop up tents, where funding for the permit is coming from, what sort of materials and lessons people will be using to work with the attending students. It was a very laid back meeting, there were some points where people got off topic and discussed popular culture and where they were from. It was relaxed, comfortable, and it reminded me a lot of the meetings we have in People’s Library. We still figure out what next steps need to happen, but we all want to and enjoy being there. 

            It was nice to see that and it was good to hear the different logistical aspects of planning a large scale event like this one. Hopefully me and Krista’s meeting next week works out!

            I also went to Whittier School this week. The day was typical, I moved around the class and helped the students with the work they were doing—having them read Spanish words out loud to practice pronunciation, discussing notes, helping them with fractions, and helping students with English words!

            I went with the students to their arts class and witnessed the sorts of lessons they typically do. A lot of what they do is arts integration work, linking what they’re learning in their science classes with their arts classes. They worked on creating collages from recycled materials—something the students just did not want to do.

            I discussed what I would work with the students on with Jane—they’re covering water in science class, so I’ve been planning ways to work with the students on papermaking techniques. I talked to Jane about how much time is workable, and she’s very flexible.

            I am writing my lesson plan and getting excited to teach!