Planning Backwards Model*

Teaching Artist Practice

Name of Project:  Crazy Eyes Project 2019

 School/Teacher/Classroom or Arts Organization/Mentor:

PERPICH/Cameron Browne/Animation

 Grade Level or Age of Participants: 11th and 12th

 MCAD Teaching Artist:  Avery Ellis Nordin

 Number of Students: 12

 Overview of Project

 Create an experimental animation using only an eyeball as your subject. Students will be taught how to create an eyeball in Adobe Illustrator and then import their assets into Adobe After Effects. Following along with the guidelines the students will learn how to move shape layers along with creating compositions and using effects such as CC Kaleida to create a visually interesting animation.

 “Big Ideas”/ Essential QUESTION(s)

What can I do to create an interesting animation using only one object?

Student Outcome Objectives

 Students will:

1. Create an eyeball shape/ image in Illustrator and import into After Effects

2. Apply new knowledge to new programs

3. Describe how they created the work of art

4. Show how they will continue this kind of work

 Prior Knowledge

 Basics for Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustrator

 Examples of Artwork

Google doc with tutorial along with my own animation of this project.


With the quality work the students create as well as showing a want to learn more, this alone will show that learned rudimentary skills of each program. A completed project will demonstrate their new knowledge of the program.


* Computers with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustrator

 Learning Activities and Timing

 1. Introduction/Project break down along with goals for this assignment (10 mins)

2. Illustrator introduction/Eye building (10mins)

3. After Effects introduction/Starting (15 mins)

4. After Effects work time/Follow along (15mins)

5. Work time remainder of class/Critique

 Teaching Artist Reflection

 Confusion with quantity of information is a problem that may arise within the classroom.

 Overall the curriculum of this project works very well, the students get to touch all corners of after effects while being able to learn how to import files from other programs to help expand their ideas of what can be accomplished in the art setting.

 Student work will be uploaded to the Teaching Artist Website, and shared within the community.

 By having a critique afterwards to discuss what was accomplished and what issues had occurred throughout the lesson the students will be able to relate to issues and find solutions to the problems.

If you want to try out this assignment for yourself here is the PDF document I created! Feel free to share with me your final results!

Contact me at averynordin at

Student Work Shown Below: