Planning Backwards Model*

Teaching Artist Practicum 

Name of Project: Sculpting an Object at Free First Saturday

School/Teacher/Classroom or Arts Organization/Mentor: The Walker Art Center

Grade Level or Age of Participants: Small child to Adult

MCAD Teaching Artist:  Betsy Lehr

Number of Students: Variable

Overview of Project

In this pop up project, participants will be molding objects in response to a favorite object from their memory, or a sculpture they like at the Walker if they cannot think of an object. This connects to the Walker’s exhibition with Jason Moran, where he has recreated stages he played in.

“Big Ideas”/ Essential QUESTION(s)

How can memory be represented through object?

Student Outcome Objective

Students will:

1. identify an important object in their memory

2. design a sculpture based on that memory

3. assemble that sculpture

Prior Knowledge


Lesson Preparation Timeline

Month before: make sure there is room in the event and propose project after considering event’s theme, intermittently email from this point on

Week before: purchase materials, create sample with material

Day of: prepare tables with materials

Examples of Artwork

An example should be made with clay of the instructor’s own memory to help connect with students.

Additional Resources

The exhibit itself, which students are not guaranteed to see


Students will be asked what their object represents and what it means to them. Due to the ephemeral nature of these events, there is reduced opportunity for assessment but it should still be strived for.


Multicolored (if possible) Crayola clay equivalent, 7 sets, shared amongst the participants

Learning Activities and Timing

1. Welcome participants inside and explain the activity

2. Provide materials

3. Oversee activity with responses where needed

4. Ask participant about object and memory

5. let object dry and let participant take object home 

TeachIng Artist Reflection

This project reflects the current exhibition, specifically Jason Moran’s recreations of sets from his memory. Issues are anticipated with the unknowable age and number of guests. Participants will take the project home and show it to their family, and will be asked about their experience.