Name of Project: Ceramics and Fine Art

School/Teacher/Classroom or Arts Organization/Mentor: David Olsen

Grade Level or Age of Participants: Junior—Senior High School

MCAD Teaching Artist:  Zach North

Number of Students: 30

Overview of Project

A presentation on ceramics in fine arts and transition from that into sculpture in the fine art world. During the presentation items are passed around representing local art that the students are allowed to touch and hold.  Presentation concludes with local artists and possible next steps for the students if they are interested in art.

“Big Ideas”/ Essential QUESTION(s)

The students will be exposed to fine arts and will get to decide whether or not they are interested in pushing their work in that direction.

Student Outcome Objectives

Students will:

1. Analyze the concept of the fine art world.

2. Apply their knowledge of it.

3. Understand whether or not they would be interested in it.

Prior Knowledge

No Prior Knowledge necessary.

Examples of Artwork

PowerPoint of the artists Ai weiwei, Erika Sanada, Tom Bierlein, Jess Kiel-Wornson, Hillary Shepard. 

Additional Resources


At the end of the presentation host a Q&A. If the students are responsive and asking questions they have at least started to think about the fine art world and its relation to them.


All you will need is a projector and art to pass around that they can interact with.

Learning Activities and Timing

1. 10min talking about ceramic fine artists.

2. 5min talking about sculpture and fine art.

3. 10min talking about local artists.

4. End it with a Q&A section.

Teaching Artist Reflection

Students could simply not be interested in the fine art, this is ok and you should encourage them to make art in whatever direction fits them. And to think about the arts as a lifestyle and career.