Name of Project: The 3 Step Intro to Personal Branding

Grade Level or Age of Participant: 15-18

School, Teacher, and Classroom: Juxtaposition Arts, Ben Petersen, Jonny Herrera

MCAD Teaching Artist:  Ashley Koudou 

Number of Students: 8

Visual Arts Content or Standards 


Curricular Link / Standards (if in a classroom only)


Overview of Project

Apprentices participate in 3 personal branding exercises. Each leading into another larger aspect of personal branding. Steps included word attributes to describe themselves, elevator pitches to tell who they are and platforms and design that will help them see where their work can live. the apprentices will get briefed on the details then break out into mini-workshops where they’ll complete a short task.

Big Ideas

How can you tap into the brand that is you? Why does that matter?

Student Outcome Objectives

Students will:

1. Formulate a list of words that will contribute to their brand  

2. Create an elevator pitch

3. Get feedback on their portfolio.

4. Understand and apply these steps to the development of their brand.

Prior Knowledge

They need to have some work saved from previous Juxta projects. This can be anything from sketches that they’re interested in making into art, or it can be fully rendered design/illustrative work they want in their portfolio. Have an idea of what they might be interested in doing in the next 5 years. If they have no idea ask them about they are interested in and maybe give suggestions.

Examples of Artwork

The examples I will show will be my business card, resume, website, and Linked-In profile.

Additional Resources

Linked-In, Squarespace, and Weebly, Wix, Wordpress, Tumblr as examples to create a website.


The apprentices will have time during the breakout sessions to incorporate what they learned. Whether that be redoing a website or making their logo. The lesson is meant to be a mentoring opportunity between teacher and student and have the teacher be supportive with where the students want to take their work.


Access to website, business cards, resume, sketchbooks, pencils, pens and other art materials.

Learning Activities and Timing

1. 15 min* – Introduction of lesson. Explain that it is a three-step process and that by the end of the day they should have three things that will contribute to their personal brand.

2. 15 min– Step 1: Word Attributes – give examples of how they can use them in things such as

3. 15 min – Breakout session 1: apprentices will write a list of 6 words then reduce them to 3. Don’t share words

4. 20 min – Step 2: Elevator pitches – give them a span of time – section into parts:

5. 20 min – Breakout session 2: apprentices will create and share their elevator pitches. See how students used those words into their pitches.

6. 20 min – Step 3: Design and Platforms

7. 25 min – Breakout session 3: Apprentices will use this time to either create or put together their portfolio. This will allow them to get one on one mentoring and have them consider possibilities for them in the future.  

8. 35 min – Wrap up: After having giving them time to work on their portfolios wrap up the lesson by asking them what was helpful and what is something they could take away from the lesson.