Planning Backwards Model*

Teaching Artist Practicum

Name of Project: Economics Advertisements

School/Teacher/Classroom or Arts Organization/Mentor:  Whittier International Elementary / Ashley Rudolph

Grade Level or Age of Participants: 2nd Grade, 7-9 years

MCAD Teaching Artist and Artform:  Dana Sexton - Print Paper Book Artist

Number of Students: 22

VISUAL ARTS CONTENT OR STANDARDS                                                                           

K3 3. Artistic process; perform or present 1. preform or present in a variety of contexts in the arts area using artistic foundations; visual arts 


Economics - Social Studies - 2. Economics 3. Fundamental Concepts 3. Because of scarcity individuals, organizations and governments must evaluate trad- offs, make choices and incur opportunity costs

OVERVIEW OF PROJECT                                                                                                                   

This project integrates with work the students are doing in social studies on monetization. Students are given poster paper and shown an example of a completed advertisement. Students are divided into groups and given an object they will be selling and asked to create an advertisement for this object. They will draw, list its price of the item and include a brief description of their item is unique and worthy of purchase on the poster board. After all members of each group has finished their portion of the poster, they will be given paint to fill in the outline and their drawing. Each group will be given the physical item to draw from so the class will be able to positively identify each of the objects.                                       



This project is to help students understand the importance of money and how to read advertisements.                                                                                                                                          

The objective is to not only get the students more comfortable with drawing and hand/ eye coordination, but also help them remember the objects they will be buying later in the unit. It will help them with their handwriting, drawing, and spelling skills.


Students will:

1. Choose objects and draw them from observation to focus their poster advertisement

2. Gain a better idea of what it means to spend money and live with their decisions good or bad

3. Build cooperation and communication skills while divvying up the poster production jobs


Must have already learned how to write and read

Must know how to use paint


Discussed with teachers the idea of the project and how it will all work

Buy materials


A mock up for the class as a guide for the design of the poster




With the information presented during the first portion of the lesson, the students will know the 3 steps they will have to complete to finish the project. Evidence they have met the objectives set will be the observation between each step with each group and making sure every person gets a turn and has fun. A great conclusion for this assignment is reflection on the posters once being used for the students continuing projects involving the objects.


8 small poster size papers

8 paint brushes

8 tempera paint sets

Newspaper/ paper to put under poster to limit mess

16 black markers

Rough draft paper (notebook paper)

Paper Towels

8 water cups

List of objects to draw:

Golden Pencil (regular pencil)
Mechanical Pencil
Pencil Eraser Cao
Mini Shape Eraser
Scratch and Sniff Stickers
Blank "Make Your Own" Stickers
Bouncy Ball
Stretch Bracelet


  1. Students go to their rug spots up from in the classroom and I will begin to explain what they will be working on for the rest of the day. Review the mock-up poster, ask questions about its appearance, and have them begin with a rough draft on a separate paper for the description of their product

  2. Students will be divided into groups (2-4) There are four different jobs which can be up to the students to decide which part they would be best at. They are:

-Writing rough draft on separate page and on poster in pencil

-Black marker outline on poster

-Drawing object


  1. Students will be given the markers after draft is finished. After the outlines and line drawing is done they will be given the paints; one/two people will paint the poster

  2. Lastly, we will have them bring all the posters to the rug nd reflect and share-- and say thank you.


I predict that there will be quite a few students who will argue over who gets to do what but a way we can go over that is from the beginning ask the groups individually who should write, who should draw, who should color in, etc. It will be up to them to think about their group members and understand how everyone can be included doing something they are good at.

This project will be very important for the rest of the unit as a visual representation of the items they will be working with and learning from.

The posters will be put up in the classroom I am assuming as something to look back to or possibly in the hall for all 2nd graders to look to.

I think the greatest feedback I will receive is from the students in the process. Are they enjoying it and if not how can in the future make it so it works for every kind of kid’s needs?