Name of Project: Mosaic Minecraft
MCAD Teaching Artist: Kendra Powers
School/Teachers: Jackson Preparatory Magnet School, Michelle Gholl, Judith Kerrigan-Krodel
Age or Grade Level: 2nd grade

Visual Arts Content / Standards
Paper mosaic collage  with measurement, geometry, reading graphs, area and more.
K-3,, Artistic Foundations Visual Arts
Demonstrate knowledge and use of the technical skills of the art form, integrating technology when applicable. Identify the tools, materials and techniques from a variety of two- and three-dimensional media such as drawing, printmaking, and ceramics.

Curricular Standards Link
Understand length as a measurable attribute; use tools to measure length. Understand the relationship between the size of the unit of measurement and the number of units needed to measure the length of an object. Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between length and the numbers on a ruler by using a ruler to measure lengths to the nearest centimeter or inch.
Identify, describe and compare basic shapes according to their geometric attributes. Identify and name basic two- and three-dimensional shapes, such as squares, circles, triangles, rectangles, trapezoids, hexagons, cubes, rectangular prisms, cones, cylinders and spheres.

Overview of Project
The students will create a mosaic page inspired by Minecraft images using 1.5 inch squares that they measure, cut and use to calculate the area of the composition.   They may add like colored squares together if there are multiple squares of the same colors together needed.  

“Big Ideas”/ Essential Question(s) 
How do images come from pixels?
How does color affect our ability to see an image?
How can we calculate area of a rectangle through artmaking?

Student Outcome Objectives
1. Creating or Evaluating: Students create a composition made of geometric 2D shapes.
2. Analyzing: The students will use color applications to problem solve the final image or design. 
3. Applying: Students will apply craft and the math skills (measurement and math) to created a well designed and made final project.

Prior Knowledge
Understanding how 2D shapes can be used to create a rectilinear composition.  How to measure squares.  

Lesson Preparation Timeline
4-5 hours; prepare and purchase materials, making the patterns on colored paper for examples, photographing and printing out reference pictures and a worksheet in InDesign.

Examples of Artwork
A series of examples made from same materials.

Students will be completing the project by the end of class.  Success will be evidenced by completed, readable images, accurate measurement and cutting.

Colored Cardstock Paper - in primary and secondary colors in order to have a range of full hue warm and cool colors
Scissors - lefty and righty
Glue Sticks

Learning Activities and Timing
1. Overview project: why, what, how, where, when. Pass around examples. 5 min.
2. Cutting and gluing demo. 5 min. 
3. Student go back to their desks and materials are handed out. 5 min.
4. Work time, assist the students who are having troubles understanding the project. 40 mins
5. Pass around the sticky backs for their pieces to attach to the foamcore; describe how to attach. 10 min
6. Each student carefully aligns and posts their work up on the foamcore board and clean up their areas. 5 mins
7. Class reflects on their pieces. What did they like,what was difficult and what they feel they learned.

Teacher Reflection
It may take some students longer then other students to complete the project.

This project fits perfectly into the math curriculum for 2nd grade geometry and measurement series.   At the end of the project I would be able to see if the student has learned by reviewing the quality of their work. I receive feedback from the students directly and in consultation with my mentor teacher and faculty member.