Planning Backwards Model for Peer and Practicum Team Teaching

Teaching Artist: Brandie Lee

Name of Project: Aladdin Collage Project

Age or Grade Level: First grade

Overview of Project

Using scraps from the costume production of Out On A Limb Dance Studio’s production of Aladdin (as well as other materials), the students created a collage inspired by Arabian Mosaics. They were each presented with a small square to create a tile section of a mosaic. The final projects is being displayed as one big mosaic.

MN K-3 Art Standard

1. Artistic Foundations 2. Demonstrate knowledge and use of the technical skills of the art form, integrating technology when applicable. Visual Arts 1. Identify the tools, materials and techniques from a variety of two- and three-dimensional media such as drawing, printmaking, ceramics or sculpture.

“Big Ideas”/ Essential Question(s) 

1. The cultural connection of being inspired by Arabian Mosaics; How are cultures similar?

2. Can art be made of everyday objects and the things we have around us?

4. What is a pattern? 

Student Outcome Objectives

1. Students will choose materials for their collage that support their ideas.

2. Students will experiment with different fabric textures to create a collage.

3. Students will create a collage inspired by Arabian Mosaics using these found materials.

Prior Knowledge

How to use basic art supplies like pencils, glue, scissors, etc.

Lesson Preparation Timeline  

Gather scraps of fabric for collages as well as supplies needed such as paper for constructing collages on.


Examples of Artwork

I will print out examples of Arabian Mosaics and bring them in for the students to look at and have at their tables. I can also bring in past personal artwork that incorporated collage work (either a digital printout or the physical book that they are in).


We will have a discussion at the end of the lesson that talks about the process and also one after the production of Aladdin to revisit the project. 


  • Fabric Scraps precut in small geometric shapes ( the fabric is difficult for the 1st graders to cut)

  • Strong paper to put collages on such as watercolor paper or cover stock. (7" x 7" squares)

  • White Elmers glue

  • Handy Wipes for gluey little fingers

Learning Activities and Timing

1.     Short presentation, no more than 10 minutes, that shows pictures from Aladdin and presents the lesson. I will do this either through projection or printed images.

2.     Demo gluing! Review goals and objectives. Cover the entire paper. Layer, etc. Let them know where to place the work to dry. Demonstrate creating a pattern.

3.    Hand out supplies when students are seated and quiet - glue, Handy Wipes or damp paper towels, and fabric swatches.

4.     Let the students dig into creating the collages!

5.     Sign collage on the back. Place collages in a safe place to dry where they will not be stacked on one another.

6.     Discussion at the end of the lesson about what students learned. What worked well? What was the most fun? What are you proudest of? What could you do better next time?

7.     Clean up