Name of Project: Final Animation for CMA

Grade Level: 5-6 Year Olds

School, Teacher and Classroom: The Children’s Museum of The Arts, Ian Judd, Exploring Media

 MCAD Student Presenter:  Kathryn Warren 

Visual Arts Content / Standards

1. Identify the elements in media arts such as image, sound, space, time, motion and sequence.

2. Identify how hardware such as digital still cameras, digital video camcorders and computers are used for creation of media arts.

3. Identify the functions of software such as photo- editing, video-editing and sound-editing tools, in creating original products for expressive intent.

Overview of Project

This lesson is the last lesson plan for an Exploring Media class. Over the coarse of the class, students have learned about and made different parts of a film. Students have made costumes and learned about characters and character development, learned about background and created different kinds of backgrounds, and made props for a film set. This class will combine all of the prior work from the course to make a stop motion animation movie to show off all of their skills. Students will collaborate together to make their film. Each student will have personal time in front of the camera to act as their created character. Depending on time, after each student has gone individually it will be opened up to have multiple students in the shot at once. While the students are individually filming their character, other students waiting will be working on making a background for their character’s camera time or making stop motion animations on computers around the room. 

“Big Ideas”/ Essential Question(s)

How does an animation come together? 

How do backgrounds, props and stories work together to tell a story? 

Student Outcome Objectives

1. Creating – Students will finally be bring characters to life along with a set and background they have been working on for a number of weeks.

2. Applying – Students will be applying all prior knowledge learned throughout the coarse into the final animation

3. Understanding – Students will understand all elements that go into creating a complete stop motion animation film:  story development, setting, props, background and characters

Prior Knowledge

Students will need prior knowledge of all of the aspects that are put into filmmaking/animation. This includes an understanding or characters, setting, story telling, and animation iStopMotion software. 

Examples of Artwork


Students will demonstrate understanding by successfully making a collaborative animation with their classmates that involves characters, setting, story, props.




Green Sheet








Learning Activities and Timing

  1. Prior to class starting, a green screen will be set up along with camera stations and set props made in previous class. (10 minutes)

  2. Class will start with introduction to the final filming session. (10 minutes)

  3. Students work on backgrounds and start filming characters. Each student will be allowed 5 minutes of camera time for the first round. (40-50 minutes)

  4. Class will end with a collective cleaning time. (10-15 minutes)

  5. The video will be edited after class is over and will be uploaded to the CMA website before the class ends for the semester to share with students and families.

Teacher Reflection

Problems to be anticipated is students falling off task, or becoming disinterested with prior work made and falling behind.