Name of Project: Neighborhood Pop-Out Book Workshop

Grade Level or Age of Participant: 2nd graders

School, Teacher and Classroom: MCBA, 24 students

Teaching Artist:  Colleen McLaren

Overview of Project

Students will learn to and create a pop-out book following step by step directions. They will then have time to add cut paper illustrations to their books. The subject matter focuses on neighborhood.

“Big Ideas”/ Essential QUESTION(s)

What does your neighborhood look like? What are the landmarks? What makes it unique? 

Student Outcome Objectives

Students will:

1. Learn to make the pop-out book structure    

2. Successfully finish the structure of the book in the alotted time

3. Create the defined structure and individualize the content with color, shape, line and collage

Prior Knowledge

Only the subject that they want their book to be about. We teach how to properly fold and glue paper to create book structure. 

Lesson Preparation Timeline

  1. Schedule teaching

  2. Decide on the lesson and create plan, 1 week in advance

  3. Go over steps on how to create book, couple days before

  4. Prep paper to proper sizes, couple days before

  5. Layout materials needed, glue, bone folders, pencils, an hour before.

Examples of Artwork

Examples come from the extensive MCBA library along with a personalize examples of the book structure. They have examples of the book structure both empty and filled with content.

Additional Resources

Books created at MCBA as templates for the students. Show them different structures like accordion, flag books, petal folds etc.


The students will have created a book to their satisfaction. A short discussion about process and content at the conclusion of the workshop.


Glue sticks and scrap paper for interiors

Bone folders 


Paper clips

Waste sheets (scrap paper) to protect tables and finished book from glue stains

One large sheet of paper 17x22 for book structure

Template of shape to cut out

Signature stamp

Learning Activities and Timing

  1. Introduction to MCBA

  2. Students choose paper colors in an orderly fashion

  3. Teach them how to fold the structure

  4. Fold in half the long way

  5. Fold each of those in half to create an 'M' fold

  6. Open up and fold like a hotdog

  7. Open again and refold like hamburger

  8. Paperclip sheet to paper and cut along line

  9. Have everyone open together and refold to create book

  10. Fold the back mountains or trees to become the back cover.

  11. Stamp books with signature stamp and have students sign

  12. Students experiment and create individualized book interiors

Teaching Artist Reflection

This is a lesson specific to MCBA. How can it be individualized for the teaching artist?

The workshop time did not allow a reflection with students. Make certain to connect with teachers to ask them to reflect with students and get back to the teaching artist with responses.