Pinewood Elementary - Monica Derby - 10 hours

This week at my residency I prepared for my lesson that I will be giving later the following week. I bought supplies and gathered information that will take my lesson to the level that is needed. I am super excited to see what the children imagine the Earth's "new moon" to be. Earlier in the week I helped students with math problems and reading. I helped the students grasp math concepts such as subtraction with three diget numbers. And for reading we went through homonyms ( multiply words that sound the same, but have different spelling.) Some students were having a hard time with some words, so I took them aside and helped them identify the words in their right context. 

I was given the opportunity to teach a workshop at Perpich Center for the Arts  for the Scholastic Art Show. The students demonstrated great skill and seemed to enjoy the letraset that I provided them with to create. From there I was asked to be apart of a panel, to answer questions regarding school after high school. That will be held at Perpich as well in about a month. I believe this will be exciting and beneficial to help me with my speaking skills.