Pinewood Elementary / Monica Derby - 11.5 hours

This week I started at my residency at Pinewood Elementary in Monticello, Minnesota. I am doing a residency for Monica Derby, who teaches 2nd grade. I started out by helping the students with learning how to read, they have new words every week that they continuous study throughout the duration of one week. I would take each student aside and have them read their words to me and if some were having a tough time with a word, or two, I would stop and help them remember how to sound out that word. This helped me too, by helping me connect with each student and learn their names. Every morning they have a morning meeting where they check in and read the board. Great their neighbors in a different way every day such as: greeting the person with a wink then asking them what their plans were for spring break. This also helped me get to know the students. This week the students were to define their “Dream Job.” Each student filled out a project sheet where they had to talk about their dream job as well as draw an illustration of them participating in that job. The students were very creative and had a wide variety of careers that they wanted to do when they grow up. 

Monica and I started discussing the lesson that I would perform would consist of. And the students are going to start reading some interesting stories within the next couple of weeks and she thought I could base my lesson off of one of those. They have one story that is about the planets and the solar system. I am thinking of making a lesson based off of the planets. But I am still pandering what I want to do. There are many different options, and I want to chose the right one that will benefit them the most.