Kulture Klub - Crystal Birkman - 2 hrs

Franklin Middle School - Melodee Strong - 4 hrs

We finished our two week long workshop at Kulture Klub this week! There were a few new faces many familiar ones the second time around--in total there were about 15-20 participants both weeks. We finished up our "self portrait"project were students would paint objects, places, or abstract expressions that would imply their identity. For example, if i were to create one I would paint art brushes and oil paints, spray cans, landmarks of Chicago (where I'm from), Mexican food, etc. After both workshops we collected everything that was produced, both in draft and final form. As of right now the plan is to create an art exhibition of the work and have an art reception sometime early May (working date is the 15th). I've attached a picture of the second workshop at the bottom of this post!

This week I also spent Friday at Franklin Middle school for the first time in two weeks! Franklin's schedule has rolled over into a new quarter while I was absent which means there were new students I haven't met, but the majority of students re-scheduled to be in art again. This week they were making piñatas for Cinco de Mayo and I helped where ever I was needed. I helped glue tissue paper onto a few and help construct others with cardboard and paper-mache. Since Ms. Strong and her students will be working on this project up until the 5th of May we have decided the best date to do a lesson with the kids would be Friday May 6th, after the day of celebration. I'm looking forward to working with the kids on their piñata projects next week and to teach a lesson the following week! I've also attached a picture of the piñata project they're working on.

Second watercolor workshop at Kulture Klub! 

Piñata project for Cinco de Mayo at Franklin Middle School with Melodee Strong