Kulture Klub - Crystal Birkman - 3 hrs

Intermedia Arts - Micheal Hay - 4 hours

I taught my first lesson through MCAD's Teaching Artist Practicum this week! This past Thursday at Kulture Klub I facilitated a watercolor workshop that went great! We started with a brief introduction of that we were doing for the rest of the session and had them experiment with the materials for the first half of the lesson. I didn't want there to be a timidness to the materials for those who never used watercolors or had a "formal" artist training before. The goal of the session was the divide the work time into two parts--experimentation and investigation. Once participants were done with experimenting with the medium on scratch paper we moved onto a nice sheet of mixed-media paper that was taped onto the working table to have a nice consistent white boarder on all the pieces at the end of the session. I'd say a little less than half of the students were able to move onto the nice sheet of paper. We collected all the work and will resume with the session next week! 

This Sunday I also went to the Intermedia Art Center to help with their bi-annual Family Art Day--it was so exciting! I arrived at Intermedia early to help set of for the day where there would be art workshops and live music happening for the public to participate in. Family Art Day catered to parents to enjoy free and exciting experiences with their kids. I helped facilitate the supply desk for the art activities that were happening. A couple of teaching artists were hosting a workshop where participants were able to make a portrait of either themselves or others, as well as had the option to make puppets out brown paper bags. I was in charge of giving out yarn for the hair of these creations as well as any extra supplies that anyone needed i.e., colored paper, glue sticks, scissors, etc. Attached to this post I included the portrait I made for the event! I am so happy and privileged to have been able to help out with such a great event and hope to apply what I learned from this event to my own practice as an emerging teaching artist!

Self portrait made at Intermedia's Family Art Day! (2016)