This week at Holy Angels, I taught my lesson in the intro to drawing/painting class! Dan had requested that I do a lesson on shading, which is something that he doesn't usually coverin a lot of depth, but encourages his students to investigate if they are interested. 

I decided to teach about shading by first teaching mostly about drawing using form, followed by an introduction to using value to define form. I think that often timesstudents at this stage are tempted to draw an outline and fill it in, which I clarified is not an accurate way to draw items realistically. I put together a powerpoint presentation to accompany my lecture, which included examples of contemporary artists using values in masterful and unexpected ways. 

After my lecture, I did a demonstration of using a value scale when drawing, and how to make one. I used different weight pencils and drawing paper, which was something the students had never used before and seemed to really enjoy. The lesson went well, there were fewer questions and less excitement than I had anticipated, but overall I think they students appreciated what I went over.