This week at Holy Angels, the students in intro to drawing were working on drawing objects realistically from observation. Their focus was to look at the object for longer than they were looking at their drawing. I think that this is a useful way to start drawing from observation, though can be challenging without having a lot of prior experience drawing from observation. As a group of students who are mostly beginners, the majority of the group relied on drawing using outlines, instead of form. This was something I noted and planned on addressing in the lesson I was planning for the following week.

In AP Art, everybody was really focused on getting to where they needed to be with submission less than a month away. I had a conversation with a student who still had not quite nailed down what he was doing for his concentration. He was struggling with how to finish it and what direction to take it in his final push. He had done a lot of architectural drawings, which were technically very strong. We chatted about what he thinks would be an appropriate next step, and I suggested using more color for the next few pieces.