Silverwood Park Doodle Bugs - Administrator Alyssa Baguss, Sam and David - 2 hours

This week was Groundhog day! Groundhogs were the focus of the day in Doodlebugs. We started the day with play, which felt pretty good since all of the kids were starting to warm up to me. After play time, we cleaned up the toys and Sam, the teaching artist read a story to us called Groundhog Stays Up Late by Margery Cuyler. After that, David, the naturalist, took us all outside to play and sing groundhog songs in the snow.

We finished the day with an art project that was making a little groundhog (colored-in paper groundhog on a stick) who could poke out of the dirt (a paper cup with brown contraction paper glued to the exterior). This project was a little tricky for the 4-5 year olds since they would be using scissors to cut out their groundhogs. It was really fun to do a project that was a little more complicated than last weeks, and see their focus and excitement when it was complete!