Silverwood Park - Administrator Alyssa Baguss, Teachers Sam and David - 3 hours

This week at Silverwood we were celebrating Valentine's Day! Our activities revolved around: things that are heart shaped, as well as warm+cold blooded animals. The class followed its usual format, play, a book from Sam, a short lesson from David, outside, snack, and then craft. It was extremely cold on this particular Tuesday, so our time spent outside was pretty short! This allowed us for more time on the artmaking, which I think everyone really enjoyed since sometimes if we're not careful the making can get squashed into the last 5 minutes of class.

We made Valentine's Day cards, which were visually fun and engaging, and the kids seemed to enjoy assembling them. The card has an owl on it that was made up of construction paper hearts. Seeing the kids put together the pieces and follow the example showed them applying their listening and problem solving skills. It's always interesting to see the degree each child does there craft- some rush through it and some take as much time as they can have with it.