No Class doesn't mean no work.

There wasn't class this Friday at Keenwood but that doesn't mean I didn't have work. This week was spent thinking about how I might teach a creative lesson around the idea of Ancient Civilizations like the Greeks, Chinese and Egyptians. Although these nations were very different, I want to have a lesson that shows the ways we're the same.

The first idea I had was the way in which each of these civilizations celbrate people that have died. Maybe have each of the students or students in a group create what they think a monument to themselves using the ways that each of the civilizations used. Well I think this is a neat way to bring each of them together, I wonder if it might be a bit morbid.

The latest idea I've had is the way each of them decorate their shields.  I think this is interesting way to show some similarities but also show the way in which each civilization used simple design. I wonder if this will be a good topic also since it is a war tool. More though will indeed happen about this idea.


Roman shield image:

Chinese Shield image:

Greek Shield image:

Egyptian Shield image: