Kenwood, Stephanie Green, 7 hours

My first day at Kenwood Elementary went really well. I got to meet the great kids I'll be working with for the next few weeks. I spent a lot of time walking around the class helping were I could. I kept thinking of what I would use for my lesson plan. They're learning about Chinese, Greek and Egyptian civilizations in their social Studies class, I think this will lend itself to a creative and fun lesson plan for me to create. The first thing that came to mind was the way these civilizations built their tombs before they died. So maybe I could do a project around building a memorial to yourself.

I really enjoyed the teaching style of Miss Green. The students didn't have to sit at their desks when working on homework or reading. They were allowed to find a place that was comfortable for them to get their work done. I think this builds a comfort zone around the the things that they're learning. I found that very nice. I'm very excited for next weeks class and to see what sort of creative things the students make.