Perpich- Graham Judd- 3 hours

MCBA - Lucy Hawthorne- 3 hours

Perpich. It was interesting to look at some of the prints students created. Although the critique was the day before, the prints were still up and students had questions. They were given a new assignment, a 3 color reduction print using screen filler. Graham explained the project, showed images and gave a quick demo about the process. Students were then to sketch out ideas before starting. Most of the students had questions and I loved having the opportunity to clarify. I went around and asked about ideas and themes they were thinking of. Some students had wonderful ideas that were practically on a college level while others needed to think beyond just the visual components. I'm starting to feel more comfortable and less like an outsider, especially since I'm only there once a week. 

MCBA. This week I got to assist with a class of first grade students. There were three classes split amongst the teachers. I helped Tom set up since he was doing both the printmaking and booking making components. During the lesson I assisted Lucy and we did the same lesson twice to two different classes. Students were given a letter of the alphabet and asked to draw an interesting font. We talked about serifs, bubble letters and interesting ways to create a letter. The first graders drew their letter, then transferred it onto a piece of flexy-foam. They then cut it out and engraved any inner designs. The foam was then stuck to a board, inked up and ran through the press. Each student got to roll the paper through and create their own print! Lucy talked about editions and how they would be getting 1 of the only 26 copies. The class then got a break for lunch and switched teachers so they could learn to make accordion books. 

They whole thing ran pretty smooth considering first graders and their low attention span. Lucy asked questions that they could answer and their was never much time when they weren't doing something. Directions were given one by one so they only had one thing to focus on. It was all very professional and I think the students genuinely had fun. I can't wait to return to MCBA next week, this time for two days.