Perpich – Graham Judd – 3 hours

MCBA – Lucy Hawthorne, Angela Hed Vincent – 6 hours

Perpich This week was just a work day. Everyone was busy printing or painting their screens, and there wasn't much they need help with. I still find it interesting how much freedom students have to leave the classroom and work on what they need. I think some of the students have technical problems, like using too much ink and not registering properly. It will be interesting to see how they handle an edition and how hard it truly is! 

MCBA This week I went in twice, back to back. First day was first graders again but this time it was book making. This lesson the students made a tunnel book although it was just the structure. I was surprised how smooth the lesson went, not because of the teacher but the complexities of folding paper. It was taught really well, and everything went smoothly, although extra hands are always needed. The second day was mountain pop-out books which are a much simpler, and include less steps. I liked how both lessons could be explained more or less in depth depending on the time restraints and reception from the students. Going more in depth on how to fold and even glue was helpful, but could be cut out if time was running out. 

I also noticed a difference in classroom dynamic, on both days, since the same lesson is taught twice. Depending on the teachers involvement, each class was different. Sometimes the normal classroom teacher (since these are school groups) is very involved in maintaining order with the students. Other times the teacher steps back and lets the teaching artist manage the class. Neither is better than the other, its just an interesting dynamic. Its something I want to watch for in the future, especially all the different ways it is achieved. All and all though, every teacher has been incredibly helpful and makes sure every student finishes the project.