Jackson Elementary School - Judith Kerrigan-Krodel and Michelle Gholl - 7.00 hours

It was all about money in this week's math lesson at Jackson Prep! The students are learning the value of different coins. After a review of coins from Ms Becker (Ms Kerrigan's lovely student teacher!), the students broke off into groups to play different games that related to coins. There was memory match, which involved two cards–one with coins on it and one with the corresponding number of cents on it–to make a match. There was also a money version of Go Fish and iPad games. I helped out at the memory match station and the students responded really well to it.

In Ms Gholl's classroom (although Ms Gholl was on a much-deserved vacation this week, so she had a substitute named Mr S who was great!) the students read When the King Rides By and then had a worksheet afterwards where they put words from the story in alphabetical order. One student in the class who is an ESL learner caught on really quickly to the assignment and it was amazing how proud of himself he was when he got it all right! He then read one of his books to me from his book bag. He liked it so much that after he read it to me, he read a second time to himself!