Jackson Elementary School - Judith Kerrigan-Krodel and Michelle Gholl - 7.00 hours

This past week, the day started out with math and the students learned their math lesson through stations. Each station had a different activity. This week, the students were learning about counting money, so the stations all had money-themed activities, from counting to roll-the-dice games to mental math activities on the iPad.

About halfway through the morning, we realized that it had started snowing! Typical Minnesota–a warm weekend that turned into a cold week and snowfall! One student was sitting and watching the snow fall! He had just sat down in a chair and watched the snow fall–it was quite adorable! Because the snowflakes were so big, the teachers opted for indoor recess, so students played with legos, read books, put together puzzles, etc. The students love those legos! They like to create their own buildings, dinosaur parks, and worlds. They really get to show their creativity with them.

Here's to a warmer week–I'm ready for some sun!