This week’s time went by very fast, as it was full of work and starting to put together projects and help the artists continue working on their pieces for their upcoming show.  My time there is feeling more natural, and therefore I’m able to help the artists better when they have questions about getting supplies or about their art in particular.  When the artists have these questions about their own art, it’s become easier to give thoughtful and concise advice from seeing the artists’ work methods and individual style.  Most of my own growth at Spectrum has been through observing the artists at work and continuing to try to assist the artists in the best way possible.  Moving forward with Spectrum, I’ll begin working with Jes Reyes on a lesson plan for the workshop-type experience I’ll hopefully teach in the next couple of weeks.

This week I also met with Chris Bowman at the MIA to begin prepping for my internship there.  We were able to get a tentative schedule in the works and hopefully an idea of what to expect with some of the instructors involved.  All in all I’m very excited to begin that process as well.