Being about four weeks into my internship, I’m feeling more capable as an assistant to all of the great artists at Spectrum, and continuing to work with the artists continues to bring new scenarios and problems to be solved.  Many of the artists are beginning to work on their pieces for a show they will be putting on called “Impossible Things” that will take place in a couple of months.  While many of the artists’ pieces are coming along, there are still questions that are being raised, and most often only time will tell if there will be an answer for these questions.  Over thinking is something that I myself have a problem with in my own artistic practice, and I think sometimes some of the other artists can have some of the same issues with over thinking that I have.  While some answers to artistic problems can be long and tedious, sometimes just making simple decisions to a piece can alter the answer to a question or get rid of the question altogether.  While art is an amazing and wonderful practice, it’s not without difficult issues.  All in all the artists working at Spectrum are extremely talented and welcoming. I’m still excited to continue my time there and see what more the artists can do.