Dorian and I are both back in town! This Tuesday the students kept drawing on the walls in the space, this time attempting to loosely recreate Dorian's plan in full-scale. Several of the students were originally very focused on details that are unnecessary at this point in the process so Dorian and I tried to help them focus on the bigger picture by emphasizing composition and scale over detail. On Wednesday the students moved on to paint. Dorian brought in purple and blue paint and let the students begin painting whatever they wanted on the walls while practicing painting techniques; this was a low-pressure activity because they knew anything they painted would disappear next week when we start priming the walls and this seemed good for them. Dorian and I walked around and painted with the students while introducing them to blending techniques and new ways of working with the materials. It was really cool to see the students start expressing their own styles and strengths on such a large scale, as well as understanding the styles and strengths of the other students.


Hours: 5