On Tuesday, the group discussed different uses of color, imagery, and symbolism and made some decisions regarding which ones the students were most drawn towards. Dorian had the students come up with a list of conceptual themes that they wanted to include in the mural. Each student was then asked to choose one from the list and find a way to portray it visually. It also seemed like the students want to work with expressive, colorful shapes and designs so Dorian suggested that we find a way to bring these motifs into the narrative of the mural and showed the students her own ideas and sketches as a basis they could work off of. On Wednesday, Dorian had the students bring in shoeboxes and make dioramic sketches of their ideas for the space. Each student was able to begin to think somewhat sculpturally about the space and the ways that we might be able to transform it. Dorian brought in her own dioramic plan for the mural, a small-scale model of the hallway with removable panels for the 2 murals and a plan for each layer of each mural made with tracing paper. It seemed helpful to the students to see some of their ideas rendered by someone who has experience with mural painting and to see a scaled-down model of the space they will actually be working in.

Hours: 5