UrbanArts - Katie - 2.5 hours 

This week was an all in all good mood week for both students and me!

After our regular snack time, Katie and I took them all to the park. They were so excited, as it was great outside! Also playing around and letting their energies free is their favorite thing to do! It was interesting to go outside with the whole class, we carried our snacks like a little picnic. I was nervous about them crossing the streets, but I was impressed by their civic sense of responsibility, they all walked with each other and were pretty careful. Katie made a rule that they wouldn't walk in the parking lot. Which is such a small thing but so important for little children. It was a learning experience for sure to go outside of the regular classroom with them, I felt like the responsibility was so much more. Making sure they don't fall and hurt themselves - they talk to strangers but not really taking anything from them - etc. It was funny how just being outside the classroom can make such a big difference. Now I guess I understand why my mother would give me so many instructions when I would go out with her when I was little :)

The park was SO much fun! They were having a blast. One of the students saw someone in the park juggling, so he wanted to learn to juggle. So he just went up to the stranger and told them to teach him, then 2 other students followed. It was so entertaining to see them to learn to juggle. They would get so happy even if they would catch one little ball right. In the mean time some students were on the swing. One of the students taught me how to sit on a rocking horse - apparently I wasn't sitting right! 

After an hour we went back to the classroom. Nicki was planning on teaching a class activity today. They activity was so great, and having Nicki in the classroom is always a different energy. Katie and Nicki had prepped the class before, so everything was ready already. The activity was about stitching hearts. Nicki told them about the power of wishes, and spoke about positive energies and how anything is possible! Which was so inspiring to see! She told them that each student is going to stick a heart, and put seeds inside them. The hearts are going to be used for installation, so everyone is going to add their energies to their wishes. After that each student would get their heart back and they could plant the trees at home if they want, or plant them at UrbanArts.

We helped them stitch their hearts up. It was such a feel good activity! And a great day overall.

MIA - Krista - 2 hours

I met up with Krista, and we touched base about the poster. I made some changes, like taking out a logo, etc. She also came up with a great idea based on my poster to customize each poster for each site. So I made a template for her to do that. Then we discussed about meeting for my teaching activity lesson. April is going to be pretty busy with this internship as the may day stuff is picking up! I'm excited.