Children's Theatre Company – Tessa Flynn – 1 hour 

This past week I met up with Tessa to plan my shadowing visits, complete my background check and to complete everything I need to set up. I learned about CTC's neighborhood bridges program. I start my shadowing from this Wednesday with Kiyoko who is the Director of Community Engagement in a third grade class room in Lyndale Elementary School. They will be telling Tall Tales, including Paul Bunyan and Annie Christmas that Wednesday. As I'm not familiar with these classic stories, I'm going to be prepared for my visit and read them in advance. Looking forward to this Wednesday! 

MIA – Krista Pearson – 1 hour 

This week has been planning heavy which is important for being a Teaching Artist as I'm learning. I met by with Krista, to talk about my schedule at MIA and to start thinking about my teaching plans. I'm going to be helping with the May Day events at MIA and other parks. My teaching idea as I discussed with her is going to be printing on t-shirts which would be themed for May Day. The teaching will be conducted sometime in early April, as that is when the May Day community activities start  coming together. In the next month or so I will write a teaching plan so we can all review it. Krista showed me the material closet, and we spoke about different material options. I'm going to research about some myself while considering the cost etc. I'm excited to have two different kinds of experiences- museum setting and a school setting. 

I was under the weather so did not go to UrbanArts this past week. This week when I go in, I will set a date for my Teaching so I can start planning and writing my Plan.