Spectrum Artworks – Jes Reyes, Mentor – 5hrs

March 17th 

 I had my orientation and training today at RESOURCE. I learned a lot about things that could become very useful in the kind of work I want to do.  One thing that I took from the orientation that I want to use with friends and students are the Key Principles of a Trauma-informed Approach. I intend to put this up in my room to glance back at for reference every once in a while in case I run into certain situations in my daily life.

We talked a bit about Motivational Interviewing that “is a client-centered, guiding/goal-oriented counseling style for enhancing intrinsic motivation for positive behavior change by exploring and resolving ambivalence.” This was placed in hopes of making the client more approachable while at an actual interview for a place of employment. Though I’m not going to be working with clients who are looking to practice their interview skills I still think that this information will be helpful in motivating in others in their art and life.

I came back to Spectrum ArtWorks and today they had Open Studio. Spectrum ArtWorks is a safe space for artists with mental illness come in and create their art with community materials. Open studio is where clients come in to work on their own personal work at their own pace individually. Jes, my mentor, was creating art for Art4Shelter where artists can donate a 5x7 piece of any medium of their choice. The piece must remain anonymous until sold, so we can only write our names on the back. I was able to finish one piece and then start another that I will finish the next time I am able to come in.