Kenwood Elementary – Mrs. Williams, 3rd Grade – 7.5hrs

March 15th

Students are working on poster board creating drawing projects about their “famous person.” Some of these people include George Washington, Ruby Bridges, and Gertrude Ederle. Nelson Mandela’s poster has the South African flag in the corners and vines down the sides. Two best friends are working next to each other, unfortunately, they aren’t very far but I feel if they had a mediator to keep on task they would really bring out the best qualities in one another. One friend is doing Eva Peron and she’s really excited about it because she is a singer and actor, professions this friend wants to pursue. The other is doing Susan B. Anthony and is less excited about the project.

            The friend who is doing Anthony, talked a little bit about her dislike for a certain presidential candidates but soon corrected herself saying she needs to respect others opinions, especially since it’s the parents who are voting. This was a good reminder that kids really do pay attention to what is going on around in their world and understand what is being said. I think it’s really cool that elementary kids are interested in politics and it’s important for adults to encourage and discuss with them these kinds of topics.

            I have recently found out that there is one student who has a bit of a temper. I’m going to have to watch out for him during my lesson. I’ll have to keep him on task so he doesn’t attempt to bother the other students while they work. That makes for four students who will need extra attention. The two friends, who will likely chatter and get off task, will have to be watched and encouraged to keep on task. And the girl who needs extra daily attention will likely end up doing her own thing to the ball bounce animation which I will not discourage as long as she is learning what is needed to be learned.

            Students often come over to read my observations and I let them. I figure that there is nothing to hide from them and maybe it would be good for them to see another perspective. But sometimes I switch from observations to show them some drawing skills.

            After story time, Mrs. Williams proposed setting a goal. Finish the “Famous Person” project by the time the Irish party happens they earn some sort of reward. However, things began to get too noisy and Mrs. Williams had to be done. The idea is still in action but needs to be saved for another day. The students are behind in projects and lack motivation or get off task easily, which is the reason for the goal. Hopefully, the students will be ready tomorrow to discuss the goal appropriately.








March 17th


I start off by being assigned to check on students as they do their “Famous Person” projects. Everyone I checked on was doing well, the boy with some anger issues had decided to pleasure read instead. However, he’s actually a little bit ahead so I didn’t feel too worried about him. I was asked to work with a student who hadn’t started the project due to being ill. I did work along with him in an attempt to keep him on task, he was able to finish making the place his famous person was born.

I stayed in for recess since it’s so cold out but I found that the third grade teachers had sent out surveys to parents on homework. What a wonderful idea! Apparently they got a wide range of responses, some parents say no homework and others say not enough!

For a little while the students learned about the Spring Solstice from a teacher who had to watch the students while Mrs. William’s needed to step out. The teacher had them listen to the book she was reading about New Years in different cultures and then had the students mediate to their renewed self for the New Year.