Kenwood Elementary - Mrs. Williams, 3rd Grade - 2.5 hrs

Introduction went well. Students were very attentive and interested in my practice. I told them about my school and what I practice but I forgot to mention why I was here. I think most students caught on that I’m here to learn how to teach them animation but many had to ask to clarify. I feel I have gained more confidence in my introductions since my last site but I still waver from time to time.

One student came over to me telling me, “One thing you need to know about our class is that we are very noisy! We are rarely ever quiet, we really can’t be.” And then went on that when they do become quiet it’s because Mrs. Williams asks them to be or other students request it.

Mrs. Williams disciplines by reminding them that she doesn’t have to be here, that this is their education. I believe that this can be very beneficial to getting the children to realize how much of a privilege education has really become. This method quiets the students quickly and gets them back on task.