Hannah Johnson intro to graphic design at Perpich center for art education – 0 (emergency)

Samantha Sather intro to graphic design at Minneapolis Community and Technical College-2.5 hours (Meeting)

This week I didn’t have class once again as Intro to graphic design class at MCTC had a midterm this and students were assigned a take home test, Therefore I didn’t not have to go in for class, however on Friday I meet with Sam for two hours to go over my draft and to test the technology we will be utilizing in the illustrator lesson. Also this week my car decided to not cooperate with me so I was unable to make it to class at Perpich. So this week I finished up my first draft of my lesson plan and emailed it to Hannah for her to look over. I also got started on working on the material and practicing my lesson as it is coming this following Monday. As time gets closer I am getting a bit nervous however I am excited about the opportunity.